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My Name is Rajesh Menon, and I am a Techno-Spiritual Entrepreneur

Life is Poetry. In every aspect. Be it in the nature or be it in day to day life. In these passing years, I have come across various people and places. All obscuring some form of semblance to the truth. As I came to know later, it is not that they were hiding the truth. It was just that I did not have the eyes to see it. Now after 45 years since my first birthday, I see the world around me as wonderful as it was, when I was a kid. That was way back. During these years, I focused on 3 subjects, two of which are in my line of duty. They are 1. Computing 2. Management 3. Spirituality The last one I picked up because of sheer fascination and awe. As I realize now these are all connected. It is my attempt to weave an ensemble out of the three. Hope you enjoy ...

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This blog is about Spirituality and Computing. Also it has accumulated a lot of inspiration contents. This blog is an attempt by me to unify Spiritulity and Computing, as I strongly feel that both are connected together by an invisiblr thread, to be found out. On this blog I post 2-5 blogs per month, sometimes even more. I have covered the entire Bhagvad Geeta and also a lot of inspirational contents. Wherever applicable, I have added the connection between machines and spirituality. Hope that you take away something positive from this blog. Cheers !


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This is my technology blog. I cover various topics like CMS, Cloud, Big Data etc. You may find some of the posts having a link to Spirituality and like my other blogs, I make sure that technology is covered in detail here, in order for the readers to benefit. I try to post atleast 1 post per month on this blog. Technology covered is mostly cutting edge, but sometimes I drift away to something like Assembly Language, which is not a topic that may excite everyone. Hope that you enjoy reading this blog, as much as I have, writing the same. Thanks and do leave your comments.


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This blog is just quotations from all over the world. I write sometimes my own ones also. The focus is on motivation, inspiration and spirituality. I do not update this site often, but hope to do so, as soon as time permits. Hope you like the quotes given. Thank you for reading this blog.

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